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This page is an ongoing journal of events and photos of interest to friends and clients of Angela Ridgway Dressage. It's likely to be modified regularly. As the collection grows photo/video journals for individual horses will be generated. -Corey

Faralay II Face Photo

P.R.E. Quallified Riding Stallion

Faralay II

Click here for a Faralay photo/video journal.

Angela campaigned Faralay II for Chris and Betsy Ketcham (Ketcham Ranch), from Training Level in 2008 through Grand Prix in Sept. 2014. He has a magnificent temperament and is exceptionally sweet. He has outstanding presence and charisma; a great work ethic, is a real partner, and just plain fun to ride.

Faralay II and Angela at Starr Vaughn
Photo by Sheri Scott

Clinics with USET Member Heather Blitz:

JRD Saddlery
Heather Blitz clinics sponsored by JRD Saddlery.

Angela Ridgway and Faralay II in clinic with Heather Blitz
Angela and Faralay II, developing the piaffe in clinic with Heather Blitz at Fairwind Farm, November 17, 2013. Photos courtesy of Lisa Rago.
Angela Ridgway, Faralay II, Heather Blitz, Betsy Ketcham
Left to Right: Faralay II, Angela Ridgway, Heather Blitz, and Betsy Ketcham. At the Heather Blitz clinic, Star Vaughn, September 2013.

Congratulations to Katrin!! :


Congratulations to Katrin for her personal high score of 66.9% at first level yesterday. Today’s ride at the Regional Adult Amateur Championships (RAAC) was excellent with only a few hiccups and placed her 4th out of 18 riders. Job well done Katrin!

July 2013.

Katrin Cusack and Landon at RAAC

Holiday Party 2012

Angela Ridgway Dressage Client Appreciation Party

December 2012

People pictured from left to right:

  • Standing in back: Susan Moyer, Corey Bennett, Angela Ridgway, Justine Frazier, Cathy Williams, Betsy Ketcham, Laura Langford, Chris Mason, John Allen, Greg Langford
  • Sitting in front: Lucinda Romero, Katrin Cusack, Andrea Mason, Terri Terry, Linda Aranda

Yarra Yarra Dressage Show

Aug. 4, 2012

Group photos after the show, with blue ribbons for all!!

Photos include Linda Aranda and Wynona after riding Training Level at their first dressage show. Laura Langford rode Paulette at both Third and Fourth level, bringing home blue ribbons for both. Angela rode Katrin Cusack's Lord Landon First Level test 3.

(Enlarge Photos)

Woodside Summer Dressage

at the Horse Park at Woodside, July 2012

Photos include Angela on Faralay II riding Third level, clients Katrin Cusack on Lord Landon riding First level, and Laura Langford on Paulette showing Third Level.

Angela and Faralay rode Third Level test 3 on the first day for a personal best score of 75.897% !! (The video is available)

(Enlarge Photos)

CDS East Bay Chapter Dressage Show

at La Jolla Equestrian Center, August 20-21, 2011

Photos include Angela on Faralay II riding 3rd level, clients Katrin Cusack on Landon riding 1st level, and Justine Frazier on Signo riding PSG.

Congratulations to Justine for earning her USDF Silver medal!

(Enlarge Photos)

Golden State Dressage Warm-up / Cool-Down

at Starr Vaughn Equestrian, July 29-31, 2011

Katrin and Landon's second show together. They showed first level.

Angela and Faralay II showing third level test one and three. They won the US P.R.E. Open High Point Award for the show with 65.8% in third level test three.

(Enlarge Photos)

The Horse Park at Woodside, Redwood City, CA, July 16-18, 2010

High Point PRE

It was a strong show for team Angela Ridgway Dressage. Christie Musser on Diorissima, Angela on Diorissima and Faralay II, and Rebecca Gonzalez on Comanche II together rode 17 rides and brought home 8 first place and 6 second place ribbons. Angela and Faralay II won the USPRE High Point Challenge in the open division, and her students Rebecca and Comanche II won it in the junior/young rider division.

(Enlarge Photos)

Murieta Equine Complex Dressage show

Photos from the Murieta Equine Complex Dressage show, Rancho Murieta, CA, April 2009. Included are photos of Faralay II (owned by Chris and Betsy Ketcham), Magic Light (owned by Bette Brockman), Diorissima (owned by Christie Musser), and Kailey (owned by Judy Levine). This was Faralay and Diorissima's first dressage show.

(Enlarge Photos)

A week at Steffen Peters' Barn, Jan. 2009

Angela spent a week in Jan. 2009 at Steffen Peters' barn in San Diego with Legacy, and his owner Helen Dilworth, Magic Light, and her owner Bette Brockman, sponsor Marti Johnson, and Angela's mother (and right hand) Cathy Williams.

To the left are photos of Angela on Legacy and Magic, and Bette on Magic, both in lessons with Steffen. There is a photo of Cathy and Bette watching from the patio, and a variety of photos of Steffen Peters training Ravel, Legacy, and Magic.

(Enlarge Photos)

Angela on Magic Light in a clinic with Steffen Peters

at Yarra Yarra, May, 2009.

Working on collection towards pirouettes in canter, and improving trot half passes, as well as amplifying the basic trot work through half-steps.

2007 Championships at Woodside, Angela and Legacy (owned by Helen Dilworth), Oct. 2007

USDF Region 7 Reserve Champion, Intermediare I

(Enlarge Photos)

A foggy day at the CDS Championships.

(Enlarge Photos)

Judy and Pristine

Judy on Pristine at Yarra YarraJudy on PristineJudy on Pristine at Yarra Yarra

Judy Levine warming up and showing Pristine at Yarra Yarra, Aug. 2007.

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